16 February 2008


Here's how I spent the last two weekends.

Well, not sitting on my arse, but building that there brick walkway to the front steps. Good thing I finished, since this weekend I'm still worn out from this week's bout with Ecuadorian Death Flu. Now I can just sit on the porch and enjoy the new walk...

When we bought the house, in 2003, the whole tiny front yard was fenced in with ghetto chain link, and the walk was poured concrete. It was, umm, oppressive (or as we sometimes say here, Bibbtastic). Being a Miami Dolphins fan proved to be a powerful weapon during the demolition of the old concrete walk. There's never been a better outlet for rage and a sledgehammer.

Funny that we'd replace that with recycled bricks in a path that looks way older than the concrete we took out. Now, barring further drought restrictions this spring, we're ready to landscape with some nice azaleas and grass. And thanks again to Neighbor Philip, whose experience with bricks and landscaping proved invaluable in setting me on the right, ahem, path.

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Maggie&Bandit said...

We love the new walkway....has it been christened by Sidda or Seamus yet? Will there be a christening party? Can we be there? Oh please oh please?