14 March 2008

"And then I heard a double-gobble..."

A Newnan, Ga., man was on Letterman last night, showing off his championship turkey gobble. And I mised it. And it's not on YouTube. (Yet.)


There is, however, an entertaining text-based retelling on the "Late Night" site. Here's the pertinent bit of writer Michael Z. McIntee's recap:

Doug's eastern gobbler sounded something like this: Gobble gobble gwock gwock gwock gobble gwock." I laughed while Doug was performing his eastern gobbler when I heard Dave remark, "He's not that good."


While you're waiting for someone to do the video upload, go track down a copy of "Vernon, Florida." It's one of the saddest, funniest documentaries about crazy crackers you'll ever see. And it's by Errol Morris, a guy who would later win an Academy Award for his documentary filmmaking. It's got lots of vignettes about turkey hunting.

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