12 March 2008

Down at our rendezvous

Sometimes, you just gotta hear the "Punky Brewster" theme song. That must be why someone set up this TV Theme Music and Songs database, complete with streaming craptastic themes you've tried so hard to forget. (Thanks to Maggie & Bandit's momma for the link. But then, thanks may not be the right word...)

What's funny is to listen to the evolution of soap operas' themes, from the early piano-and-organ riffs that sound straight off of old radio soaps to the modern heavy-breathers. I clicked on the 1976-era "General Hospital" theme, which, sadly I remembered. Today, it sounds more like a western than a soap, what with all those trombones and such. But rudiments of that theme survived well into the '90s, albeit saxed up, Big-Kenny-G-style.

Worst theme song ever? Hard to say definitively, but it might be "Too Close for Comfort" which, in one minute, synthesized everything bad about '70s music and stuck it in front of an '80s show.

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Maggie&Bandit said...

We knew you'd like that site. You always like to have a bad theme song to sing, and this will give you more tunes to get stuck in your head or to torture those around you with.