04 March 2008

More geriatric rocker news

Back in August, I gently ribbed the Van Halen reunion tour. There may have been some age jokes. And then a fan (among who I count myself) posted a comment that said, "Hold on to your shorts fellas....THEY'RE BACK! EVH and DLR are ripped with six pack abs, musically tight and throughtly on top of their game. Never better."

So I wonder if there's any genuine surprise to hear that those hot-for-teacher players are canceling U.S. tour dates, due to a "mysterious illness" that Eddie's suffering. I'm assuming that if this were another bout with cancer or a second hip replacement, they'd just tell us. Instead, we must conjure up our own possibilities.

My money's on prostate.

"You better call up the ambulance
I'm deep in shock
Overloaded baby
I can hardly walk"
-- Van Halen, "Somebody Get Me a Doctor"

1 comment:

cath said...

It's like The Who. Just once I wish they'd give a farewell concert and mean it.