03 March 2008

Movie marathon

One good thing about being so busted up that I didn't actually feel like doing anything over the weekend: I caught up on a lot of movies.

Starting with Alfred Hitchcock's "Rebecca" — which is from 1940, so you can see I had a lot of catching up to do. Of course, it was dark (No Sunnybrook Farm anywheres). This was his first American film, based on a Daphne du Maurier story, and it was very good. Didn't feel very Hitchcockian until the last act. Still, it's one of the Best Picture winners that actually stood the test of time.

Also caught "The Good Shepherd." Funny story. I'd rented this before, and Jenn convinced me that I'd already watched it on the plane. Returned it. Realized later she was confusing it with "The Departed." Also watched "Hard Candy," starring Juno. Excruciating, but well done. ... I've still got "Ocean's 13" and "Monster House" waiting at home.

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