23 March 2008

"My name's not Mark...

...and who you calling a beast?"

Jenn and I are in Panera Bread Co. this morning. I'm in a T-shirt and worn jeans, and Jenn is just as casual. I'm unshaven and clearly haven't been to church this fine Easter morn. It was a backup plan for breakfast, when we discovered that Publix was closed. Curses! Anyway, we get a couple of tall (which is, "small") coffees and a muffin and a pastry for breakfast.

The total?

"Six sixty-six," the cashier says.

Perfect. I asked her if she'd take payment in the form of 30 pieces of silver. I don't think she got it.

"He walked up to the temple
With gold in his hands
And he bought off the priests
And propositioned the land
And the world was his harlot
And laid in the sand
While the band played six-sixty-six"
-- Larry Norman, "Six Sixty-Six"

(Most folks think this is a Frank Black & the Catholics song. That's actually a cover of the original, mid-1970s Larry Norman version. Norman was one of the original Jesus-rock hippies, a founder of contemporary Christian music in the small window before it started sucking. (It's true. There was such a time.))

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