10 March 2008

No one puts bravery in a corner

I wish Patrick Swayze well and all, in his fight against pancreatic cancer. I promise I'm not being sarcastic, even if he is a sucky actor.

But what I'm really tired of is moronic morning newscasters gushing about his "brave fight against cancer."

Coming out of the closet? Brave. Cliff diving in South America? Both brave and stupid. Attacking the jet's hijackers and forcing it to crash at your own peril but saving the lives of others? That there's bravery, folks. I don't think an action can really be called "brave" when the only choices are a chance at life, or death. (United 93's passengers had to choose between death and death.)

That said, I wish Swayze strength, peace, wellness and more sex with Jennifer Grey. Shout it with me: "Wolverines!!!"

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