18 March 2008

Pronoun trouble

There's lots of good music out today. Daniel Lanois' got a new film/CD combo called "Here Is What Is," and Daniel doesn't record bad records. There's a new set from Destroyer.

But most curious is this awkwardly named act She & Him. It's actress Zooey Deschanel (the she, we must assume) and M. Ward (the he). When I acted surprised at Zooey's move, Lils said, "She's got a good voice. Didn't you see 'Elf'?" No. No, I didn't. Anyway, there's a strong girl-group vibe on the songs, which is no surprise to M. Ward fans. Deschanel's voice is sort of a cross between Cat Powers' and Iris Dement's -- smoky and thin, but strong in its way. It's worth a listen. Not sure the cover of "You Really Gotta Hold on Me" was a good idea, though

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