16 March 2008

Sports nuts?

Got in from St. Patrick's Day weekend in Savannah. Yeah, I know I came back, technically, a day early. But everything's winding down since it's now Holy Week and all.

Speaking of religion, this group of dunderheads was protesting all the debauchery in one of Savannah's squares on Saturday:
OK, I understand, however wrongheaded, the radical Christian's hatred of stuff like pro-choicers, gay people, Mormons and lovers of porn. But what the hell did the sports nuts do to them?

Maybe it's for all those football games on Sundays.


Maggie&Bandit said...

What's next? Wiener Dog racers?

Brad Barnes said...

I suspect they have no problem with wieners. In fact, they have a lot in common with them. (No offense to wieners.)