11 March 2008

Term limits are up

What the hell is with a new release, "These Are the Good Times, People," by the Presidents of the United States of America? Haven't we heard quite enough of their trademarked "witty banter"? (Yes. Yes we have.) More like, these were the good times... before you decided to record another album.

Stuff that might actually be good that's out today includes:

Destroyer, "Trouble in Dreams": This guy always reminds me of The Waterboys. If The Waterboys were Canadian.
Jason & the Scorchers, "Lost and Found"/"Fervor": Their first EP and LP together, again, on one CD. (Say out loud five times fast.) Though they did some great work later, this is their only essential disc, with more energy and crazy guitar work then they'd ever be able to reproduce again.
Black Crowes, "Warpaint": OK, it may not be good. But now I want to hear, since it was panned by Maxim before they ever listened to it.
Shawn Mullins, "honeydew": I can vouch for this one (and do, in today's column in the real paper).

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Maggie&Bandit said...

We want Harry!
We want Harry!