06 March 2008


Pretty sure I'm not supposed to wake up in the middle of the night shivering and shaking uncontrollably. Unless I suddenly turned uber-emo. (Sweet!)

Think I've got some residual fever-y issues from the bike wreck. The knee still pink and hot, though not too swollen. Hurts like hell, needless to say, but I don't think there's an permanent damage.

I was going to post a bit of lyric from "Everybody Hurts" here, in honor of both the wreck and the April 1 new R.E.M. But I'm not suicidal, so it seemed inappropriate. Instead, I'll post a bit of lyric from my single favorite R.E.M. tune, "Wendell Gee" (which, apparently, Peter Buck hates).

"He was reared to give respect
But somewhere down the line he chose

To whistle as the wind blows

Whistle as the wind blows with me"

-- R.E.M., "Wendell Gee"


Allison Kennedy said...

Feel better soon!

tim said...

Get better soon.

All the songs on Fables still rock!

But still my fav is Perfect Circle.

tim said...

here it is Brad, the ultimate wendell gee haha


Bebe Bahnsen said...

You are not supposed to wake up fever-y from a bike wreck. See a doctor. Go to an emergency room this weekend if it doesn't go away. Hate to sound like your mother, but infections are ever more dangerous.
Speaking of sounding like your mother, what the heck is uber-emo?

Brad Barnes said...

wow, tim. so wendell gee was the guy's cat. hmmmm.

thanks for the concern, bebe. i really think i'm ok now. ... without getting too graphic, i think i had a number of malladies all wrapped up in a perfect storm. i think the chills came from some sort of stomach flu. but i'm largely better. except the knee's killing me. self-diagnosis is stupid, i know. i typed in "chills" and "diarrhea" on healthline.com and found that I might have salmonella, or the plague.

Brad Barnes said...

oh, uber-emo. long story, but it would involve getting my hair cut at an angle, highlight it in plum, wear women's jeans that are two sizes to small, yet still somehow being a man.