22 March 2008


Been kinda busy. Here's my weekend picks. And here's a piece I wrote on a high school class what did an egg drop. I'm told Sonya's interview with the Easter Bunny, of which I had a little hand (rabbit's foot?) in, will be reposted online tomorrow.

And in Monday's paper, barring some big breaking news, I'll have a piece taking a closer look at the planned route for Columbus' 11-mile Rails to Trails project. I scouted much of the trail on Thursday, on Donkey the Scoot. It was great filling-jarring fun.

Before the weekend is out, I'll post, finally, Dirty Harry Potter, Book VII.

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Maggie&Bandit said...

Wow! Sounds like you've been having fun. We're ready to read "Dirty Harry"...Staffer Dad says he'll read them out loud to us. He seems to enjoy it.