25 March 2008

While My Guitar Gently Beeps

The head of publishing over the Beatles' catalog has said he'd be interested in making a Beatles-only edition of video game sensation "Rock Star." Already the game was pretty killer for including the "Trogdor the Burninator" song in its second edition, but this would be so awexome (in Strong Bad's words) that I'd probably have to plunk out my money.

Marty Bandier, chief executive at Sony/ATV Music Publishing, told The Los Angeles Times, ‘‘It’s something we have talked about and something I’d like to pursue.’’ It's certainly better than hearing "American Idol" contestants bleat their renditions of Fab Four tunes. (Especially Kristy Lee Cook's "Eight Days a Week," says Sorich. More like "Eight Days a Weak.") Wonder if it'll come with a left-handed controller for McCartney.

Speaking of Beatles massacres, check out this "jazz vocal" rendition of "Ticket To Ride." Like, to ride on a train wreck mayhaps?

A Tribute to the Beatles - Ticket To RideThe Swingle Singers
"Ticket To Ride" (mp3)
from "A Tribute to the Beatles - Ticket To Ride"
(The Sound Corporation)
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Amanda said...

Did you actually watch those episodes?? I was so surprised about how many of the songs the contestants themselves admitted to never having heard.

Brad Barnes said...

No, that show makes me itch. And hearing that they're unfamiliar with the works of the Beatles probably would've made me actually retch.