20 March 2008

WWGIJD? (What Would G.I. Joe Do?)

From the Department of Huh?: FAO Schwarz will reportedly soon be offering "Ugly Betty" dolls, from Madame Alexander. And yes, the doll (see photo) is no uglier than Betty is on the show, which is to say, not.

The dolls will retail for about $45 and be available in June — right around the probable start of Season 3 of the show — making my old Star Wars figures look like a real bargain. Of course, they're 18 inches tall, making my old Star Wars figures look like shrimps.


Jenn said...

"Around the bulimics, a perimeter create...."

Brad Barnes said...

Ugh. Good one. I almost used a Yoda figure and had him say, "Hmm! Judge me by my size, do you?"

Amanda said...

I agree. She's not ugly. And her teeth are obviously straight enough for her braces to be removed, already. But she could do with a good hair brushing.