08 April 2008

Awesome possum

Thanks, Lee
So the Wall Street Journal ran a story about eco-friendly furs. They're making these furs out of an invasive species, brushtail possum, that they're trying to get rid of in New Zealand. They're not the rat-tailed, bitey little possums found around here. They're actually kind of cute. (Look at the left picture for a minute, would ya'?)

The problem, though, is twofold, illustrated wonderfully by author Christina Binkley, who writes, "The plush pelts sewn into an Eco-Luxury couch throw here at my desk are soft and luxurious. But when people heard they were possum, two different reactions ensued: 'Ewww, fur' and 'Ewww, possum.'"

I'll have to tell y'all the story about Possum Day in Wassau, Fla., sometime soon. Meanwhile, here's the WSJ piece.


Jenn said...


Brad Barnes said...

No, for so many reasons, my dear.

Amanda said...

so wearing fur is supposed to be ok only if it's from a disease-carrying varmint? hahahah great word, varmint.