21 April 2008

Bada Bingbing

Jackie Chan. Jet Li. What's not to love about "The Forbidden Kingdom," right?

Jenn and I went to see it Sunday night. It was an enjoyable romp. Certainly it's aimed at a bit of a younger audience than us, though. I think it will rock the world of 15-year-olds. For us, it was just escapism: kind of a weak story, set around lots of great kung fu. Any time people start messing with time-travel plots, there's bound to be a few screw-ups. This one messes it up royally, but luckily that's almost an aside.

Oh, and I'm totally in lust with Li Bingbing, who plays a white-haired witch with a whip-and-hair fetish. She's the one in the picture about to put the smackdown on Shia LeBeouf look-alike Michael Angarano.

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