29 April 2008

Miley Siren?

So the photos last week of Hannah Montyrus, I mean Miley Cyrus, showing her green bra to the camera were fake. Or maybe not. First is was allegedly a look-alike. Or did she really admit that maybe the pictures were, kinda, sorta, her? It's hard to keep it straight.

It doesn't matter, because without question the nude photo of the 15-year-old in "Vanity Fair" (left) is f'real. Annie Leibovitz shot it.

Child porn-mongers will be disappointed to hear that the photo is tasteful. Cyrus doesn't even look very attractive, in an adult sort of way, in it. The photo has the added bonuses of teeing off folks at Disney and making Cyrus uncomfortable. So really, everyone wins.


MPK said...

I'd say that they should be more worried about the pervy photos with her dad than the one that shows -- oh no! -- a naked back...

Brad Barnes said...

The bra shot was way more a lapse in judgment than an artsy photo by one of the world's most famous photographers.