14 April 2008

Hey! Fever!

I'm not usually a pessimist.* But it seems like allergies have become worse these days. Now, you can cool it with the age cracks. I know allergies can develop or worsen with age, and I'm sure that's what's going on with me.

But I'm talking about allergies in general. When I was a kid, free of pollen-related snifflings, I don't remember anyone getting laid up with allergy problems. I'm left to ponder this today, home from work, in a bed, trying to concentrate on watching "No Country for Old Men" (thanks for the loaner, Roger) and finish a book.

Should be back to work tomorrow, and that should mean back the usual blogpace in the blogspace. (In my defense, I've been busy at work, too, doing a couple days of stories on the trials and tribulations of Phenix City in the 1950s.)

*this may be a lie


Allison Kennedy said...

Great stories from Sunday and today!
Feel better soon.

Maggie&Bandit said...

They were great....stay away from pollen. It turns you green.

Amanda said...

How did you like "No Country?" I've heard good things about it.

Brad Barnes said...

i really liked the movie. a lot of people complain about the way it ends. didn't bother me, and didn't seem to abrupt. people are just too used to the nice, neat hollywood wrap-up.

Brad Barnes said...

(but "in bruges" (see the previous post) was better.)