04 April 2008

Indiana Jones, the biopic

Brad Pitt is front-runner to star as archaeologist Percy Fawcett — one of the real-life people who is said to have inspired Spielberg's and Lucas' idea of Indiana Jones.

Fawcett disappeared in 1925 in the Brazilian Amazon, while searching for a lost city. And Pitt has long wanted to play the role of Fawcett in search of this lost city of Z, as he called it. This is all per a story posted on Ireland On-Line today.

Of course, Indiana Jones and Percy Fawcett don't really look much alike. Percy (at left) has an incredibly long neck, even by British standards. And that fancypants facial hair just begs for the seldom descriptor "mustachioed."

So for a fair comparison, we'd have to make Harrison Ford wear one of Fawcett's goofy hats (hey, I bet it doubles as a campfire cookpot!) and give him the ol' handlebar. The results, as seen here, are something less than the sort of looks that can nab a girl like Calista Flockhart, I'd wager... You can click it for a closeup. But it ain't pretty.

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