02 April 2008

Jimmy Kimmel = lucky bastard

I'd not heard of the Web site BettyConfidential.com before. Maybe that's because it's dedicated to "women's life stages ... our community."


That aside, the site has named its Top 10 inspirational women of the year. Never mind that it's only April, especially when their top choice is inarguable: the yummy comedian Sarah Silverman. She's got a mouth that's equal parts potty and pretty. And she's quick-witted. And she proves that hot girls really can go for funny guys over Prince Charmings, at least sometimes.

The results were based on a broad survey, by which I mean a survey of broads. The rest of the list: 2. Oprah Winfrey; 3. (tie) Lisa Ling, Nancy Pelosi; 5. Ruth Bader Ginsburg; 6. Wendy Kopp; 7. Meg Whitman; 8. Leigh Ann Hester; 9. Katie Couric; 10. Shonda Rhimes.

And here's my favorite Sarah Silverman video clip. You might be offended. Most likely you'll just laugh.


Jenn said...

In honor of that video, I remind you of the following quote:

"I love Bradley Michael Barnes with all my heart...."

Brad Barnes said...

Just stay away from Damon, sistercakes.