24 April 2008

Market daze

Got some details on the move of The Market, for Columbus diners.

The restaurant — which is inarguably the finest seafood restaurant in town — is moving from 17th Street and Manchester to First Avenue, downtown. There's about 50 percent more space and a huge built-in crowd for event nights (Springer, RiverCenter, Columbus State theater, you name it). So the move makes sense so long as its legion of regular patrons will follow.

Owner Jamie Gruber is shooting for a May 8 opening, and the place is looking great.

They'll be open for lunch (so "Hurray!" on behalf of all downtown workers). The fresh fish counter will still be in place, but the selection will probably shrink a bit — likely to just fresh fillets and whatever's special-ordered. The big downside is the place will lose its brown-bag license with the move. So there's no more bringing in your own bottle of wine. Sigh. Apparently the city doesn't issue said licenses any more. Jamie promises to have a broad wine selection, though, including bottles starting around $10.

Never been there? Try the sushi-grade tuna, rare, when they've got it. Or the prosciutto-wrapped halibut. They're both among the best meals I've had anywhere.

"Cuz when the seaweed sinks and the sun gets low,
When the waves retire to the darkness below,
I know, I know Ruby sees all"
Cake, "Ruby Sees All"

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