22 April 2008

Maybe next: 'Disturbia'?

I'll give up the pretense of not harping on Carmike Cinemas all the time. They must simply be morons. For five days now they've been advertising "Mr. Brooks" as the new release on its biggest screen at its best Columbus theater — the Carmike 15.

That's right, "Mr. Brooks." The Kevin Costner/Demi Moore movie that placed no better than No. 5 when it was actually released, on June 1, 2007. It's OK if you don't remember.

Needless to say, the movie's not showing at Carmike 15, and certainly not on the big screen, which is actually showing "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." I know the error was pointed out to the theater chain, because one of my co-workers pointed it out to them. So they either (a) don't look at their own ads in the paper, (b) don't know what movies are actually playing right now, or (c) don't care if they're providing their customers with wrong information. And by "or" I actually mean "and," since all three would have to be true for Carmike not to have caught the problem FIVE DAYS after the ad started running.

Demi Moore (l) needs more plastic surgery.


Shannon Dew said...

Hey Brad, what's the deal with Carmike anyway? I stay pretty plugged into movie news, rumors, etc and eagerly await new releases only to find them absent from Columbus theaters...things like Chaos Theory, Henry Poole is Here, Meet Bill, Shotgun Stories, etc...Is there a screening board or committee that filters out all movies that have A) a good plot B) good characters and C) good acting? Just curious...as a lifelong Columbus resident, the current theater monopoly leaves a lot to be desired...thank God for Netflix...

Brad Barnes said...

Good to hear from you, Shannon. Wish I knew what their disfunction was. I can seldom get them to return calls.

As a general rule, they're pretty good about bringing us all the films that open on about 700 screens nationally -- that seems to be the threshold. For smaller releases, our best hope is the Columbus Film Society, which partners with Carmike to bring in one art film a week.

Check out www.columbusfilmsociety.com. Granted my wife's on the board, so I'm not without bias. But they're pretty open to suggestions, I think. They can ask for certain films from Carmike, but it's still up to Carmike and a film's distributors as to whether it'll actually play here or not.