12 April 2008

Moulin Bruges

Huge line at the Peachtree 8 last night. I figured everyone was there to see "The Bucket List" or some other crap. Turns out, the art film Jenn and I were there to see, "In Bruges," had a full house. Happy.

The film, about a couple of criminals hiding out in Bruges a city in Belgium, was wonderful. I'm not sure everyone liked it, but judging from all the sardonic laughter, most of us did. Really, what's not to love? It's got hitmen, lots of "witty banter" (tm), hot prostitutes, dwarfs, and a cockney accent delivered by Ralph Fiennes. But the stars were Colin Farrell -- not as unlikeable as usual -- and Brendan Gleeson. So with Gleeson and Fiennes, someone correctly pointed out that is was Mad Dog and Voldemort, from Harry Potter filmdom, together again!

It's bloody in places, particularly near the end. But this film is highly recommended to fans of dark, funny gangstery stuff like "Sexy Beast." It's got a lot of parallels to "Pulp Fiction," too, but this is really a better film than that. In Columbus, it plays through Thursday. Unless it keeps packing the house, at which point maybe they'll keep it around.

Ralph Fiennes is about to turn this uppity Belgian into an effing inanimate object.

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