22 April 2008

Old news

The best post-punk-country- rock band ever, the Old 97's, play live Thursday night on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." They'll play "Dance With Me," the first single from their new record, "Blame it on Gravity," due out May 13 on New West Records.

It's good. By which I mean the single, and the record (at least, based on 30-second sound clips of the whole dang thing).

"I hope you crash your mama's car.
I hope you pass out in some bar.
I hope you catch some kind of flu.
Let's say I wish the worst for you."
The Old 97's, "Wish The Worst"


Maggie&Bandit said...

Staffer Mom is excited about the new B52's album. We're not sure why, but she says it reminds her of throwing lobster parts at people and yelling
"Tin roof. Rusted."

Brad Barnes said...

They're looking kinda rough on the cover of the new Ga. Music magazine. I don't have anything against people in their 50s. Just people in their 50s still trying to look like they're in their 30s.

Haven't heard the record yet, though.