15 April 2008

Phenix City exposed

Here are a couple of photos I found in our archive when I was looking for stuff on the Phenix City vice smackdown of '54. Great photos, but we just didn't have space to use them alongside the Sunday and Monday stories. Alas.

But here they are, for all yous faithful blog readers:

This one is from July 1954, and it shows someone measuring a die (one that's crooked even to the naked eye, if'n you ask me).

Here's a pre-crackdown raid, circa 1952. Police found a bunch of gambling machines hiding out in this innocent barn. They're carted off, smashed up and burnt thereafter, reportedly. So reportedly not, repeat NOT, taken downtown to the honkytonks that openly featured gambling machines in their whiskey-soaked walls...


Bebe Bahnsen said...

I've been meaning to write to compliment you on the Phenix City stories and reading your recent blogs reminded me of that. Good job. I agree with the author that PC is crazy not to create a history tour, even without most of the original buildings.
Your photos on the PC blog reminded me of scenes from my childhood, believe it or not. We lived next door to the Country Club and both my mother and stepfather worked there for a while. When the Americus police planned to raid the club, somehow the people at the club knew. How could that have happened? Anyway, they lugged the several slot machines across our cow pasture and "hid" them in our cellar.

Brad Barnes said...

Wow. Great story, Bebe! ... I love tales of those raids, but I have to be mindful that they were painful times for many who were involved in the goings-on. Thanks for sharing.

Jim Cannon (CVS/Summerville Road) and I share a fantasy that there are still some gambling machines hidden out in some old country barns that might resurface to populate a museum one day. Or maybe they'll find them in the 'Hooch if they ever breach the dams.

Allison Kennedy said...

I wish we coulda used these too!

Anonymous said...

That die photo was pretty awesome! I love old photos.