09 April 2008

Take me to the other side dish

When Joe Perry's not rockin' your world on stage, as the guitarist for Aerosmith, he's rockin' the world of your mouth. Apparently.

Yesterday around the office were pondering the forthcoming "American Idol" performance of "Dream On" by Michael Johns. And that led a couple of us to wonder, out loud, whether Joe Perry had recently had a knee replacement or somesuch. So Jeff googles Joe Perry and comes up with this, as he terms it, "the best Web site ever."

Per Perry's words on the site, "I'm often asked how and why I got into the hot sauce business. ... Over the years, hot sauce has been one more thing to make life more exciting."

Uh huh.

Seems you can get a quesadilla (Spanish for "cheesedilla") served with Perry's patented hot sauce at your local Hard Rock Cafe.

Ironic that Ragu, not Joe Perry's Rock Your World Hot Sauce, sponsored this clip...


Amanda said...

haha I love seeing them in the Nook.

Brad Barnes said...

where he eats his nut 'n honey, every day!


been buried under work the past two days. bear with me, friends. i should resurface today.

Amanda said...

And I think Steven Tyler stole that shirt from my mom's closet.