16 April 2008

New tour dates (Truckers hate the South?)

The Drive-By Truckers have just announced a new leg of their tour, and yet again they're not playing Atlanta. Instead, they're working the West, the frozen tundras up north, and parts of Canada. But there is a little somethin'-somethin' for us here in Dixie, too.

Singer Patterson Hood, that groveldy-voiced redneck Teddy bear (redneck Teddy bear = sweaty bear?), is playing a set of solo shows 'round here. Don't know why we didn't get more notice. Nevertheless, here are the gigs:

Wednesday, April 16: 40 Watt, Athens, Ga.
Thursday, April 17: The 5 Spot, Atlanta (w/Don Chambers of GOAT)
Friday, April 18: Mercy Lounge, Nashville
Saturday, April 19: Proud Larry's, Oxford, Miss. (w/Audra Brown)
Sunday, April 20: Birmingham, Ala., Workplay Theatre (w/Elliott McPherson of the Dexateens)


Allison Kennedy said...

Are you going to one of these?

Maggie&Bandit said...

We heard the Truckers were protesting high fuel prices. ....oh wait, it could be the other kind of trucker. Nevermind.

Brad Barnes said...

Well, Nashville's too dang far for a Friday night, and Oxford's sure as hell too far for a Saturday. I'd do Sunday in B'ham and just pay the consequences Monday morning if I hadn't already seen the Truckers 2 gajillion times. So I guess not.

Sigh. Age is a bitch.