15 April 2008

Wood you listen

I've been remiss not to mention this already for Columbusites who are/were fans of the band King Johnson, who frequented The Loft. But just out is an album called "Loaded," by The Wood Brothers. That's King Johnson frontman Oliver Wood and his brother, the more famous Chris Wood, of the jazz act Medeski, Martin & Wood.

It's their second proper record. Still, many probably didn't even know they were brothers. I think I mentioned it in one profile on KJ, years ago. But it was pretty clear that Oliver didn't want that gimmicking up his own deal. So be it. King Johnson was much more of a brassy blues and rock act anyway.

The music's whimsical, slow-going rock 'n' roll. So it's more King Johnson than MeMaW, but it's not as high-energy (which in this case leads to a lovely sound). Check out four tracks right heeyah. And next time you see Brad or Buddy at The Loft, ask them to book the brudders. And then go to the show. Then you can say you saw the Woods.

(Get it? Saw? The Woods?)

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