24 May 2008

But where's the Cube Bert?

thanks, Maggie & Bandit
So there's a long weekend. It's raining. You're bored?

Check out Cubeecraft, where you can print out a formative character from your pop culture frame and, with scissors and a pen knife, fold him up into 3-D walking, talking figure*. Or at least a squarish rendition of one.

There are "Star Wars" stormtroopers, Kirby, The "Ghostbusters" Stay-Puft marshmallow man, and even Peyton Manning. Here I made Strong Bad, from Homestar Runner. I did it at work, on a black-and-white printer, so I had to color him red with a ballpoint pen. The blue and green and yellow is via highlighter.

It's all free, by the way.

*figure does not actually walk and talk.

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