21 May 2008

Golden corral

A local restaurateur told me yesterday he was considering ways to drop his food prices, since, with the economy and all, it's tougher for folks to plan a night out.

In stark contrast is the Wall Street Burger Shoppe — a place that you know is fancy, based on its extravagant use of the extra "pe" at the tail of "shop." The place has just put a price of $175 on a burger made with Kobe beef, shaved black truffles, foie gras, Gruyere cheese, golden truffle mayo, and — here's the kicker — a dusting of gold flakes. (The picture above is one of their modest, $4 burgers.)
The price of the so-called Richard Nouveau Burger just rose from $150 to $175, to ensure its place as New York's most expensive hamburger.

Me, I'll stick to consuming my gold flakes the was God intended, via shots of Goldschlager.

Note: Fellow L-E blogger Chris Johnson beat me to posting something on this. Bastard. I owe him a hamburger, maybe. But he'll have to settle for something from the Dollar Menu at Mickey D's.


Maggie&Bandit said...

Just make sure Chris doesn't try to put ketchup packs in the microwave again. You've already had one fire in the past week.

Brad Barnes said...

Har. An aside:

Last Friday, about mid-day, I noticed my arm was sore. I've been working some around the house, so I was trying to think what I'd done to tweak my bicep... It was from throwing papers on the route that afternoon.