20 May 2008

New 'wave cooking?

You've been here. There's a guy in the break room, about to nuke his sectional microwave-safe plate of leftovers when he comes to the painful realization that everything in there may not be suitable to be heated. So he's weighing the alternatives. Exactly how bad would hot potato salad be, versus how much work is it to scrape the potato stuff onto the lid to sit out the session microwave?

So, brainstorm: Why don't they make sectional plastic containers that actually split apart? I was thinking of an interlocking groove along the top lip, but this guy had the better idea. "Like Lego," he said. You know, so you could carry it as one plate but just pop off the part that needs to stay cold. It would be the McDLT of Tupperware. The hot stays hot, and the cool stays cool.

Of course, it sounds good in theory, but the McDLT didn't sell so well, as I recall. Not that you'd know it from these fans...

"What's hotter than hot?
(Ice cold)"
OutKast, "Hey Ya"

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