06 May 2008

Pabst away

Thanks, Meg.
An Illinois man has bought a coffin and customized it so that he will be buried in — seriously — a giant Pabst Blue Ribbon beer can.

As a lover of the PBR, I can understand the inclination. So I'm not judging.

I'm guessing when the man was told that (a) the can-coffin wasn't filled with his favorite beer and (b) the $2,000 it cost him to have built would've bought 571 six-packs of Pabst that he could've enjoyed while he was living, he responded with a great, big, head-slapping "D'oh!"


Tashahart said...

Cheers to that !

Brad Barnes said...

I really do love me some PBR. But, it being the thrifty man's beer, this just seemed odd...