20 May 2008

Sunday Spins (Tuesday edition)

Because sometimes you need to unwind in the middle of the week. Or even the front-end of the middle of the week. Like tonight, Tuesday night.

Here's what's in the changer:

* The Hollies, "20 Great Love Songs": Always loved that song "The Air That I Breathe," which is very late-era Hollies. When Radiohead released "Creep," I pretty quickly caught on to the parallels between the songs. I was surprised when a friend told me last week that R'head actually was sued and owed the Hollies money for stealing borrowing the melody from the verses. Or something like that.

* Natalie Merchant, "Motherland": Her best solo record, largely because it was produced by T Bone Burnett, IMO. (His "new" record, "Tooth of Crime," is out now, by the way).

* The Jayhawks, "Hollywood Town Hall": It's their second or third record, but the first one I heard. Feels like Gram Parsons all over the place. My brother thought Gary Louris was a girl, first time he heard "Waiting for the Sun." Silly brother. "Two Angels" is maybe their Best Song Ever.

* Old 97's, "Blame it on Gravity": OK, this isn't an old CD that needed dusting off, so maybe it violates the rules of Sunday Spins. But I'm still trying to wrap my ears around this one.

* Andrew Zohn & Jeffrey McFadden, "Duo Spiritoso": Andrew's a buddy and one of the finest classical guitarists in the world -- so certainly the best guitarist I know (Apologies to my buddy Steve Vai (Watch this until Vai brushes back his hair. You will pee your pants)). McFadden's a Maple Leafs fan, so he can't be all bad, either. This is a collection of duo pieces for guitar.


Allison Kennedy said...

I'm impressed that I know some of these, being the pop culture illiterate that I am. :)
Happy unwinding.

Brad Barnes said...

That's the beauty of pop culture. No one's completely oblivious. ... And you and Mike might dig the Jayhawks, if you've never given them a spin.