14 May 2008

Who knew?

There's actually a formula for determining the suitable age range of a mate.

It's simple math. The youngest person someone could date without social stigma is figured thusly:
(Older Person's Age/2) + 7

So a 37-year-old man, uh, just for instance, could date someone who's just shy of her 26th birthday without a social stigma. Kirsten Dunst, for instance. Or Erika Christensen. But then, someone's wife would probably kill him. ... Ladies who are the same age, you get Andy Roddick or, hmm, Kieran Culkin. Sorry.

Or you could just say nuts to social stigma and go ahead and call that Olsen twin. Here's more on the rule, you preevert.

"Young girl, get out of my mind
My love for you is way out of line
You'd better run, girl
You're much too young, girl"
Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, "Young Girl"


Anonymous said...

I'm 24, so I could date anyone 19 years old to 34.


Brad Barnes said...

Yeah, the way the formula works, the older you get, the wider range you get. One of the few perks that comes with age.

Another perk with age is wisdom. Like the wisdom NOT to date someone as young as you COULD date...