05 May 2008

Why kids shouldn't be in charge

To celebrate the 50th birthday of the 64-color box o' Crayola crayons — the box with the sharpener built in — the manufacturer of the tasty color-creating wax sticks let kids choose and name eight new colors.

They include a purple-y "best friends," a bright yellow "super happy," an orange "awesome," and an "American Idol"-inspired reddish purple called "famous."

They get props for the evergreen-colored "giving tree," but the rest of it's crap. I mean, what kind of a color is famous (not even to mention what that reflects about the values of today's children)? That doesn't exactly conjure up the same artist possibilities as, say, burnt sienna.

Maybe I'm just still bitter that they changed "Indian red" to "chestnut" in 1999.

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