29 May 2008

Yeah, but what is it?

The unlikely beneficiary of tough financial times and rising grocery expenses?

Spam. Sales of the gelatinous meat project have spiked in the last quarter. Here's a story on the phenomenon from the Associated Press.

I don't have an issue with the meatstuff. I ate it all the time as a kid. I do remember an ill-advised radio campaign where two guys debated where Spam came from, and they concluded it was the, uh, "Spam animal." Now I'm no marketing genius, but it doesn't seem like a good idea, fellas, to endorse all those mystery-meat jokes.

The Sports Rock Cafe in Phenix City has been offering a fried Spam sammich for a couple of years. Might just have to go get me one...

1 comment:

Sarah Bailey said...

You'll eat Spam, but the freeze-dried fruit is disgusting?!?! I don't know who you are anymore.