19 June 2008

And I want to paint it black

Never seen the Stones in concert. I love 'em. But in the great Beatles/Stones tug-of-war, I was always in the Fab Four's camp. But "Ruby Tuesday," "As Tears Go By," and most of their original early-to-mid-'60s stuff is awesome. I'm choosy about the later stuff. Still, always wondered what I missed when I passed on my chance at seeing the "Steel Wheels" tour...

Luckily, Martin Scorsese's "Shine A Light" made me feel like I've seen them in live. Don't go expecting a Dylanesque bio. There's very little of that stuff (though it's precisely chosen and quite revealing). Once it's 30 minutes in and the music starts, it's mostly a concert film.

I kept contrasting it to the other concert film I've seen recently, "U2-3D." Where that one felt as large as the arena it was filmed in, this one feels close and intimate, and not just because it was shot in a small theater. It's got everything to do with Marty's artistry. That's really what makes it special. They're probably the biggest, most-deserving arena act on the planet, and here we are looking up their cavernous, wrinkled nostrils.

The film's last shows in Columbus are tonight at the Peachtree 8. Go if you've got a buck to spare. Dress lightly, as the airco was busted Wednesday night.

"There's that look in you eye
I know what you're thinking
It's just like the '60s to me
You paint it all black"
Daniel Amos, "Walls of Doubt"

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