10 June 2008


Comic aficionados — as in comic books, not those who frequent the Laugh Factory — will want to tune into Starz tonight at 10 p.m. for "Comic Books Unbound." Just in time for this weekend's release of a Hulk movie that looks just as crappy as the first one.

The docu's larger purpose it to explore the "evolution and revolution" of Hollywood's take on comic books. But many will want to watch for the interviews with "Hellboy II" cast — Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, Guillermo del Toro — and behind-the-scenes footage of that film, the new Batman and more. To kick things off, the network is also showing "Spider-Man 3" at 7:40 p.m., and following the documentary comes "Ghost Rider" at 11 p.m.

Yes, those are two movies that will make the documentary look even better. But it's a good watch, even though they do the annoying Byron Allen trick of pumping action-style techno-lite music behind the interviews to give an artificial sense of energy to the talking heads. It's the new millennium's laugh track.

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