09 June 2008


The 24-Hour Plays went off smashingly last night. Some hilarious stuff. Sure, I'm biased, but the one that Jenn stage-managed was the best. It was called "Killing Time." I'll add in the writers' and director's names here later. Can't remember them right now, but one of the writers played Algernon in their production of "The Importance of Being Earnest" last month. Miranda "Bunbury" Baras and Brian Johnson wrote the play, and Haley Rice directed it.

Each set of writers apparently was given a random pop-culture magazine from which to draw inspiration. So maybe it's no surprise that two of the plays focused on Tom Cruise being in the closet. Kudos to Chuck Leonard for hamming up the role of Sean Connery as a male prostitute. Each of those plays also had a compulsive donut-eater as comic relief (Kirstie Alley in one, Oprah in the other). Mmmmm, donuts.

There was a good crowd, but there were still some empty seats. Fill one of them next time ChattShakes tries to pull this off. Congrats to Troy Heard and his company.

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