26 June 2008

Duck of Earle

The scrolling LED behind the singer read "Bent strings make bent souls," which seemed fitting considering the guy on stage was actually kicked out of insurgent country hellraiser Steve Earle's band. This singer is tall and lanky — "six-seven, 110 pounds," guesses Ching, who coaxed me into going to the show — and knows his way around a methadone clinic.

It's Earle's son, Justin Townes Earle. It's Wednesday night at Auburn's Strutting Duck. He doesn't even come on until almost 11, Central, which makes for a real late night for this Eastern time zone blogger. But it's worth every hour of lost mid-week sleep.

With a voice that's a little deeper than his diddy's and a song style that owes more to Hank Williams Sr., Earle paces nervous semicircles on the tiny corner stage, occasionally punctuating the music with booming, irregular boot stomps on the hollow stage floor.

I'd say young Earle is destined to be a star. But that's the kind of talk people used to say around Steve, too, so maybe we should just give the kid a break and not put the weight of the world on him. He's good, though. Very good. Download a song from his album, "The Good Life," here.

The Galway Girl - The Best Of Sharon Shannon (w/Steve Earle)Sharon Shannon, Steve Earle
"The Galway Girl" (mp3)
from "The Galway Girl - The Best Of Sharon Shannon"
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David Ching said...

true dat mr. barnes. that dude was good. glad i talked you into going, if for no other reason than to witness your exceptional dart-throwing skills.

David Ching said...

and to be exact, my guess was 6-7, 104 pounds.

Brad Barnes said...

Maybe I was adding the weight of the cigarettes in his pocket. Sorry.

The best moment might've been when the guy in front shouted "Copperhead Road!" -- and the "f--- off" that the kid responded with. He's his daddy's boy alright.

gspence said...

dang! it was in town! now I wish I went.