03 June 2008

Hold on to that feel-ay-eee-in

Never mind that Radiohead's got a new best-of out, with a 13-track bonus disc of stuff that's not on albums. Never mind that the Weezers have just released one of their best records today. (Guess what it's called...)

Here are today's two releases that I know that, deep down, you really care about:

Bret Michaels, "Rock My World": That's right, Brett Michaels. Of the band Poison.
Journey, "Revelation": That's right, Journey. As in "Open Arms." Best part? This album introduces a new lead singer, named Arnel Pineda. There's 11 new songs, 11 re-recorded greatest hits and a DVD of a live concert. Woo hoo!!!???

There was a priceless Journey moment in last night's triple OT Stanley Cup finals. The DJ is playing "Don't Stop Believin'" over the sound system, and little Steve Perry sings, "Just a small-town girl..." and then they cut the music, because the puck's dropped. But 30,000 hockey fans sing the next line, "livin' in a lonely world..."

It was (sniff-sniff) beautiful.


Maggie&Bandit said...

Staffer Mom heard that, too, but we couldn't tell if she noticed the crowd because she was singing it, too. Sad.

amanda said...

their new lead singer is pretty awesome

Brad Barnes said...

He's the guy they found on YouTube, right?