18 June 2008


Are you ready for some lawsuit?!?

Gamers finally got p.o.'d enough at EA Sports' exclusive rights to create NFL football games that they've filed a class-action lawsuit against the giant video game company. You might remember that EA sold its "Madden 2005" game for $30, after competing "NFL 2K5" was priced at $20. To prevent the same from happening thereafter, they purchased exclusive rights to NFL players, team names, logos, etc., then priced new games 70 percent higher (per the lawsuit). Here's a post over on Gameworld Network.

Go get 'em, I say.

I've always thought it was criminal that EA made you pay full-price for essentially an updated roster. I always thought a better model (for players, at least) would be to make a new NFL engine, priced at say $60, every five years, and sell $20 roster updates every year. That brings the average cost of the game to $32 a year.

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