05 June 2008

Raiders of the Lost Bark

Then I'm telling the snake story, detailed below, to some co-workers. One of them, Nick, says his parents' dog ate a snake whole the other day. Then the dog threw up the snake and it slithered off.

An amazing story, yes. It's even more amazing when you as the inevitable, "What kind of dog was it?"

"A dachshund," he says.

(You listening, Maggie & Bandit?)


rhonda said...


Maggie&Bandit said...

Wow! One of our buddies yakked up a snake! And it was alive! Wicked!

The best Bandit's ever done was to swallow a really big live rat in front of Staffer Mom!

And we love the photo treatment...it's respectful of our courage and prowess with scary animals.

Allison Kennedy said...

Love it!

Brad Barnes said...

I took another stab at the art. Found the better "Raiders" screencap I was looking for...

Maggie&Bandit said...

We like the new art better, too....it's looks more like us.

And, we forgot to mention how much we like your new photo, too. It's very nice, and it makes you look positively canine.

(We do worry about Seamus and if he'll have any need for counseling after being forced to wear that. It looked a lot better on Aunt Jenn.)