13 June 2008

Stuff in the paper: Killer tomatoes?

So the New York Post had one of its racy covers the other day, proclaiming the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, what with the salmonella scare! It's a funny cover (shown here). But the story's got a fatal flaw.

The opening two paragraphs present a vignette where a McDonald's diner bites into a hamburger that sans 'mater. "It's disgusting!" she exclaims.

The problem? Only one hamburger on the Mickey D's menu actually contains a tomato -- the little-ordered Big N' Tasty burger. No tomato on the Big Mac. None on the Quarter Pounder with Cheese. Of course, there's the chance that she didn't usually eat at McDonald's, so she would've always found it disgusting...

Anyways, here's a story I wrote for today's Ledger-Enquirer about the tomato shortage.

Here's today's column, on the career disintegration of M. Night Shyamalan.

Oh, and here's my weekend picks.

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