07 June 2008

Sunday Spins (Saturday night edition)

Jenn's stage managing a play for the Chattahoochee Shakespeare Co. tomorrow. (Go see. It'll be fun. They're writing, casting and producing five 10-minute plays in 24 hours.) Anyway, she'll be outta pocket all day, so she asked for an early set of Sunday Spins, and here it is.

*Fastball, "The Harsh Light of Day": After the pseudo-novelty hit "The Way," these guys buckled down and recorded a great set of hard-driving alt-rock. It went, criminally, almost unheard. (New record due out sometime this year.)

*The V-Roys, "Just Add Ice": The first full-length from alt-country rockers who were signed by Steve Earle. After the band broke up, singer Scott Miller's gone on to record three great solo recs, but this has maybe my favorite song of his, "Goodnight Loser."

*Weezer, "Maladroit": Jenn loves the Green Album. So much that she's not listened to their other ones enough. While not as good as Green, Blue or "Pinkerton," it's still an excellent set. "Take Control" rawks.

*Whiskeytown, "Stranger's Almanac": I bought this sleepy country-rock record when it came out, in '97, after reading a couple of glowing reviews. It was my introduction to Ryan Adams. Didn't know what to think at first, but it grew on me a lot. "Houses on the Hill" is the cut that first penetrated. Good stuff.

*The Original Harmony Ridge Creek Dippers, eponymous: This is the band that The Jayhawks' Mark Olson formed with his then-wife, the more-famous Victoria Williams, after he left the 'hawks. A lonesome, almost mournful record (also from 1997) that has aged incredibly well.

"When you dance with him
You look so thin
That I can almost look through you to see
When you dance with him
I see losers win
And a loser's who they're not supposed to be
Goodnight you loser
you midnight moonlight user
It's time for you to try and fall asleep"
-- The V-Roys, "Goodnight Loser"

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