25 June 2008

Gun ho!

Thanks, Meg.
Don't know why it's taken me a couple days to pass on this story, about an Alabama militia group that made a loads and loads of their own weapons!

The so-called "Alabama Free Militia" stockpiled 130 homemade hand grenades and about 70 grenades rigged to be fired from a rifle. (Sweeeeeeet...)

I've got a great shirt I bought at Standard Deluxe that says "Waverly Militia" on it. It was a joke. But now I'm kinda scared to wear it, for fear of it being confused with these yokels. And you Sweet Home Alabamans owe me for not making any jokes about the Dixieland here...

"Oh, Alabama
Banjos playing

through the broken glass"

Neil Young, "Alabama"


amanda said...

I learned how to make a hand-grenade launcher when I was 10.

Sarah Bailey said...

I have that shirt!

Brad Barnes said...

You Alabama girls are everywhere!