30 June 2008

'We Love Breasts. We Want to Save Breasts'

That up there's the genius slogan of the Margarita Wrestling Association, a group that obviously loves margaritas, too.

The concept is deliciously simple. Basically, imagine female mud wrestlers — or Jell-o wrestlers, or foam wrestlers, or any other woman+lubricant type of event — and replace the mud with a sloshing pool of margarita mix. Ready, girls? GO! (And make a lot of noise while you're at it...) They do this all to raise money for breast cancer research, which seems more fitting than the spandex suits worn in the pool. It all makes for a happy referee, too, as evidenced by this photo.

There's an annual July 4 match coming up. It's on Hermosa Beach. Sadly, that's far away.

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