24 June 2008

What's that button do?

So one of the selling points about riding a scooter, from scoot-fans, is how easy they are to work on yourself, I was told, back before buying Donkey.

That was two years ago, and I hadn't had to do anything to my trusty Kymco. But I cracked the lens over the speedometer (a piece of wood above it in the carport fell and exacted retribution on it for some unknown offense), and having ordered the replacement part I set out for my first scoot project. It wasn't too, too hard, I thought. Had to file away some plastic to get the new piece to fit just right. Had to figure out how the casings snap together and such.

I get it all back together, and Donkey won't start. The engine turns and turns, but it's like there's no spark. I break for lunch and rack my brain trying to figure out what I could've done to kill my scoot. I pull the spark plug — it looks bad. So I go on a trip around town trying to find a new plug to fit it. It took four stops, including three auto parts places and a scooter store.

I put the new plug in. Nothing.

So I break the scooter back down, trying to figure out if I shorted out a wire or something... I've got all the parts loose when I notice the kill switch near the throttle got bumped to "off." The same kill switch that I've never used and, honestly, forgot was there. I throw it back to "on." The bike starts like a dream. Of course, it was now in pieces and all.

It leaves me wondering if Donkey is really the name of the scooter. Maybe it's more appropriate for its rider.


mpk said...

Oops, that sounds like something I might do. Like the morning when my scoot wouldn't start...because I forgot to pull the brake while pressing the start button. Not scoot's fault, but, rather, my fault. I think my scoot has a nasty nickname for me as well. :)

Brad Barnes said...

D'oh. Yeah, I felt like a total idiot. At least I paid my dues in unnecessary labor.

I spent my lunch hour today trying to find a new rear tire for it. Dry rot is making the other one leak, I'm told. Dry rot! The only time the scooter has sat up more than a week is when I was in Cambodia...

Specialty sized tires can be, uh, difficult to find.