21 July 2008

Head like a Heidi-hole

In a new interview with Heidi Klum, available for viewing here, she says that sex is "definitely here to stay. It would be very boring without. It’s definitely one of the most fun things to do, you know?"

Now granted, Klum is being interviewed by Liz Smith, the gossip column diva who is a startling 85 years old. And Smith is pressing her for something juicy. And Smith is also rocking around on her sofa, leaning forward and backward and side to side like she might just be passing a gallstone during the interview (Certainly distracting). Further, Smith leads her into the "definitely here to stay" line.

But please. "Here to stay"? Was sex in danger of passing out of fashion? And "It would be very boring without"? Yes. Yes it would. It would also be a bummer from a, you know, reproduction standpoint if no one had sex.

But, I guess, what do you expect from the daughter of a makeup artist and a hairdresser? (Answer: Good looks. And that's apparently all we get.)

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Brad Barnes said...

Adendum: When I say "Was sex in danger of passing out of fashion?" I should remind people that sex could put one in danger of passing out *from* passion.