16 July 2008

If you change your mind (take a chance)

So I guess Jenn's going with her girl friends to go see "Mamma Mia" this weekend. From the previews, I'm just gonna go ahead and say I'll hate this thing. (And not because of the ABBA soundtrack.)

Speaking, at least parenthetically, of ABBA, the sadistic folks at Sirius satellite radio have launched an all-ABBA station. I expect suicide rates among Sirius listeners to spike soon...

Now, I was recently listening to the 19 tracks on the newly re-released greatest hits collection (called "Gold"), and in the group's defense, once you get past the stereotypes, the music's aged pretty well. Sure, the lead vocalist (Was she one of the A's or one of the B's? Can't remember. Not worth the google) has a voice that's a little too pretty and strong for most manly men's tastes. And on the whole, they're a little operatic. Still, hasn't a track like "Knowing Me, Knowing You," with it's guitar-hero lead riffs and chopping Rhodes keyboards held up as well as Fleetwood Mac songs? Or at least Supertramp, come on.

Interesting factoid: 66 percent of visitors to ABBA — The Site say they listen to ABBA every day.* This compares to the 97 percent of the population as a whole who listen to ABBA either (a) never, or (b) slightly more often than never.**
*this is true.
**this is probably also true.


TK Rocks said...

Definitely a rare TK disagree with the Barnes Storm, but I am all guy and have seen Mama Mia live, grew up on Abba songs, and say with all seriousness - ABBA RULES. Take care.

Maggie&Bandit said...

From Maggie:
Jenn: which theater? what time? I promise not to sniff your popcorn.

Brad Barnes said...

Great, you can find Bandit and me watching 'Batman'

Jenn said...

Mags: You. Me. 7:00. Columbus Park Crossing. I'll bring the pupcorn.

Maggie&Bandit said...

From Bandit:
I'll bring the flask. forget the popcorn.